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Rocky Road Male | 1 year old | Pitbull Terrier Mix
Teddy Male | 1.5 years old | Brown Tabby DSH
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Ready for a Home

Rocky Road Male | 1 year old | Pitbull Terrier Mix

Hi ! I ’ m Rocky ! You know that Disney alien Stitch ? I ’ m a bit like him ! I ’ m a goofy nut when I trust you , but I take a bit of convincing that you ’ re trustworthy ! I ’ m potty trained , I sleep great , and I don ’ t steal or counter surf ! Bones and toys keep me occupied and I like to eat my dinner out of puzzle toys ! I love playing but I like to play a bit rough so scaredy cats need not apply ! I make new dog friends easily and respect that not all dogs like to play as bonkers as myself , I settle down if they ask me to .
My first year of life has required a lot of bravery ! Not because I wasn ’ t safe , but because I ’ m pretty convinced life is out to get me ! There ’ s a lot of sketchy stuff , like tiny people that ride bikes and skateboards ! And humans that jog right past you ! Garage doors that suddenly open to reveal strangers ! Not knowing what else to do , I react a bit like Stitch ! Defensive attack before they attack you ! Rawr !
Fortunately I have a trustworthy foster mom but she can ’ t keep me , so I ’ m looking for a brave and confident person or family ( no small erratic children please !) who would become my new trustworthy humans ! My ideal home would have previous dog experience and be willing to work with me . My foster mom is a dog trainer and will work you through the process . I will want to meet you several times before being comfortable enough to go home with you . After I am home , we can continue training together . I love training so we can have fun with it !
I will be a good fit for a family with other dogs , cats that will stand up to dogs , and kids that are 16 or older . If you think you have the patience and love to continue helping me with my bravery skills and become my new best friend , please submit an application ! I promise you I ’ m worth the extra effort and we will live happily ever after !

Teddy Male | 1.5 years old | Brown Tabby DSH

Hi there , my name is Teddy . I would love to be described as a teddy bear . In reality , I ’ m more like Ted from the movie “ Ted .” I wanna be your bro and I ’ m selfish . I want you all to myself , no other animals to get in the way of our fun . And just like the character Ted , I love to have fun as long as I get to pick the game and make the rules .
I can be brash and inappropriate , but you know that ’ s what makes me fun . If I spoke your language , I ’ d be a huge cusser . My drug of choice ? Catnip of course ! Watch out when I roll over on my back to entice you to give me belly rubs . It ’ s a total trap . If you like your kids , pick another cat . I can be a handful , but in the cutest way possible , of course .
And don ’ t get me wrong , I sleep ( i . e . cuddle )… sometimes . I want to live with someone who gets me ; I don ’ t have the patience to break in any rookie cat owners . You picking up what I ’ m throwing down ? I would try to find someone on CATch . com but my keepers won ’ t give me Internet access . So let ’ s grab drinks over here at my place and see if we ’ re a match !