Summer 2020 - Page 11

Despite the level of uncertainty as to what the future of work holds, how can organisations overcome the effects of COVID-19? Digital skills Following on from months of home working, the need for digital skills is more prevalent than ever before. The Adecco Group's sister company General Assembly can provide online access to a wide range of digital skills courses to help upskill your workforce and tighten cyber security within your organisation. Investment in renewable energy As the Government piece together a green economic COVID-19 recovery plan, our renewable energy practice has been established to support clients in their search for niche skills within the energy sector. Rebalancing the UK economy As organisations start to move away from central locations such as London and Manchester, our local branch network can help identify new locations focused on talent hotspots. Ecommerce Bulk buying, online grocery shopping and boredom purchases - COVID-19 has forced consumers to switch their buying habits to online shopping, a trend that will likely become permanent. Through General Assembly, organisations can upskill their workforce in ecommerce, UX/UI design and web development which can help with the transition to the new ecommerce reality. National secondary skill COVID-19 has shone the light on a series of nation critical skill sets and occupations. Nationalised training schemes, apprenticeships, job rotations and volunteering devised and delivered through our series of sister and partner companies, we can identify those skills that could be called upon in future national emergencies. Page l 11 recommendations