Sulyn Sulyn 2019 - Page 4

glitter bottles & tubes Available in a variety of sizes, glitter bottles come with shaker tops for convenient use. Craft Cut Glitter 4oz Silver Metallic 0.6oz - SUL51088 4oz - SUL51121 8oz - SUL51138 Purple Metallic 0.6oz - SUL51098 4oz - SUL51131 8oz 0.6oz 2oz Pink Metallic 0.6oz - SUL51093 Petal Pink Metallic 4oz - SUL50881 Gold Metallic 0.6oz - SUL51089 4oz - SUL51122 8oz - SUL51139 Copper/Orange Metallic 0.6oz - SUL51100 4oz - SUL51133 8oz - SUL51149 Royal Metallic 0.6oz - SUL51094 4oz - SUL51127 8oz - SUL51144 Emerald Mix Metallic 8oz - SUL50882 Multi Metallic 0.6oz - SUL51090 Disco Iris 0.6oz - SUL51102 Black Metallic 0.6oz - SUL51095 4oz - SUL51128 8oz - SUL51145 Raspberry Iris 0.6oz - SUL50843 Red Metallic 0.6oz - SUL51091 4oz - SUL51124 8oz - SUL51141 Crystal 0.6oz - SUL51096 4oz - SUL51129 7.5oz - SUL51146 Bubblegum Metallic 0.6oz - SUL51103 3.5oz - SUL51136 Kelly Metallic 0.6oz - SUL51092 4oz - SUL51125 Turquoise/Peacock Metallic 0.6oz - SUL51104 4oz - SUL51137 Grape Iris 0.6oz - SUL50844 Light Blue Metallic 0.6oz - SUL51097 4oz - SUL51130 Extra Fine Glitter 4 SUL55412 White Crystal 0.62oz SUL55416 Silver Sparkle 0.75oz SUL55414 Glittery Gold 0.75oz SUL55423 Light Blue 0.75oz SUL55424 Mint Julep 0.75oz SUL55422 Leaf Blend 0.75oz SUL55425 SUL55415 Modern Gold 0.75oz Champagne 0.75oz SUL55413 Cameo Pink 0.62oz 904.482.0092 SUL55421 Hot Pink 0.75oz SUL55418 Imperial Purple 0.75oz SUL55419 Royal Blue 0.75oz SUL55417 Scarlet 0.75oz SUL55420 Slate 0.75oz