Success Stories Fbf LAC 2020 Vol. 1 | Page 22

Argentine Red Cross consolidates Alliances for Action for the implementation of FbF

he Argentine Red Cross

achieved meaningful progress that contributes to the implementation of the FbF mechanism.

The institutional coordination with several scientific and technical organizations of the country has been consolidated; among them, the National Meteorological Service (SMN) and the National Water Institute.

In this regard, more than 92 volunteers from the Argentine Red Cross were trained in October on the SMN's Early Warning System. Likewise, the first national team for Risk and Emergency Monitoring was made official, including 31 volunteers from all the regions of the country.

All the National Society's coordinators have received FbF trainings, as well as the focal points of the five participating branches in the application area of the Feasibility Study.

On the other hand, the National Coordination of Risk Analysis position was developed as part of the central headquarters structure (within the Emergency and Disaster Risk Management Unit).

Finally, the FbF mechanism and monitoring, early actions and FbF initiatives were incorporated in the framework of the 2020 update of the Argentine Red Cross National Response Plan.