Success Lifestyle Magazine Issue 9 June 2021 - Page 26

Erica ’ s Digital Marketing Tips
Living a Life of Purpose
Christine McLean what is required of me to get this done ? Take baby steps . You ’ ll be surprised by how much you can accomplish in 30 days with small and consistent action .
4 . Take action and stay in action .
Nothing gets done until you take action . Never give up until you hit that mark and achieve that goal . There ’ s always something more to achieve even after you ’ ve hit the mark and achieved the goal . You don ’ t have to be perfect to take the step , but you will get perfect with every step . Keep moving forward and stay in the game .
Erica ’ s Digital Marketing Tips
1 . Understand your audience and where they ’ re located .
Which platform are they on ? Don ’ t try to be on all platforms because you won ’ t make the right impact for your brand . Be where you have the most impact .
2 . Create and publish great content .
Content is king ! People want simple and effective content in this fast-paced society .
5 . Get a coach and ask for help from others who are before you .
Learn from others . You don ’ t have to rely on your own mistakes to learn , although there are just some things you have to learn on your own . Write down the lessons you take from each mistake and from your interactions with your coach . Share those lessons with others .
You can ’ t see the picture when you ’ re in the frame so always seek the help of a Coach who can help you on your journey . Having a Coach is a necessity and it ’ s worth it !
Picture your ideas actually coming to life . You can achieve whatever your mind conceives , believes , and acts upon . The action bit is the key .
3 . Invest the time to learn new things to grow your client base and increase your impact .
You don ’ t need a lot of money . A lot of free opportunities have opened up since COVID-19 . Your biggest ( and best ) investment is time spent developing a system that works , one you can automate and get information from that helps you make the right decisions .
Issue 9 : June 2021