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Living Her Purpose with Creative Brands and Concepts
Living a Life of Purpose
Christine McLean
Her mother ’ s proclamations eventually materialized . So , Erica was preparing for ( and sitting ) her exams during her first trimester . She sat nine subjects and passed seven . Her guardian at the time , since she was no longer living with her mother , encouraged her to go back to school . Erica now had a young baby but she went back to school and passed math , English , and Spanish .
Erica moved on to study sales and marketing at UTECH . Her credentials set her on a clear trajectory to executive-level positions in Jamaica ’ s corporate sector . But , she felt a stir in her spirit when she attended a Les Brown conference in 2017 . She felt she wasn ’ t living in her purpose , that there was so much more that she could do .
So , she quit her high-paying job in 2018 to pursue entrepreneurship full-time .
She hasn ’ t looked back since and doesn ’ t regret her decision . The road is rocky but she wants to be a positive example for her two children and the many lives she impacts through her brand . She is living her purpose with Creative Brands and Concepts , an idea she had in 2013 that she brought to life five years later .
Living Her Purpose with Creative Brands and Concepts
Creative Brands and Concepts focuses on :

Event planning Digital Marketing Brand Management Marketing & Advertising Campaigns International Certified Leadership Training & Development Customer Service Training Communication training Sales Training Personal & Business Coaching Team Retreat Facilitation s

The team also works with affiliate partners to provide training in quality standards such as the ISO standard . All training and coaching programs are based on the John C Maxwell method of sales , leadership , coaching and speaking .
Two flagship events are mainstays for the Creative Brands and Concepts brand . The first is the Global Digital
Issue 9 : June 2021