Success Lifestyle Magazine Issue 9 June 2021 - Page 17

Capital Investment is Key
3 . Do your research . Grants aren ’ t just going to fall on your lap . You may catch a lucky break if you ’ re in the right circles . But , more often than not , entrepreneurs go searching for grant-aided funding . There are a number of governmental and non-governmental agencies that provide funding to Jamaican businesses . The Jamaica Business Development Corporation ( JBDC ) assists clients in finding grants suitable for their business .
It helps to be aware of these entities so you can know where to look . Subscribing to mailing lists can put you within earshot , so to speak , if grants are available . Look for agencies that are aligned to your business . Corporations typically issue grants to small and medium enterprises with interests aligned with theirs . Grants can be used for equipment or research and development .
For entrepreneurs who may need one-on-one guidance on grant proposal writing , you will be pleased to know that there are agencies in Jamaica who provide this service . The University of the West Indies Open Campus offers a course on grant proposal writing for entrepreneurs and staff of non-profit agencies who may assist entrepreneurs . The JBDC also hosts workshops on the topic and offers specialized services to clients bidding for grants .
Entrepreneurs can also opt to hire a writer who specializes in grant proposal writing to assist if they feel the need to have a professional touch on the first few tries of securing a grant .
4 . It ’ s all in the proposal . After pinning down the first two steps , it ’ s time to write your proposal . A grant proposal is a document prepared and presented to a funding institution with the hopes of swaying the reviewers to commit to helping your business . Grant proposal writing is an art ; it requires some skill to be able to organize your business into a coherent piece that will get you the assistance you need .
I would recommend that all entrepreneurs learn the intricacies of grant proposal writing . Funding agencies will tell you the information you need to present to be eligible for a grant . Learning the art of grant proposal writing will be the edge that helps you score the deal .
You should be an avid reader as an entrepreneur . There ’ s a lot that you can learn from reading articles or books that teach the tips and tricks of grant proposal writing .
Grant proposal writing could even become a service you offer after you have mastered the skill yourself !
Issue 9 : June 2021
Capital Investment is Key
The global pandemic has dealt a deadly blow to many small businesses and corporations alike . Entrepreneurs have to dig deeper if they ’ re to survive such perilous times . Many governments and corporations have offered assistance in the form of grants to hard hit businesses . Your ability to secure a grant as a means of capital investment can be the deciding factor in the survival of your enterprise .