Success Lifestyle Magazine Issue 6- October 2019 - Page 9

Creatives sometimes feel isolated because they seem a bit queer. It’s often an uphill battle, especially when a creative becomes an entrepreneur. Some creatives have mastered their craft and become household names, others struggle to ‘get a buss’ and ‘eat a food’. Though bridging the gap can be tedious, it’s definitely not impossible. Here are a few guidelines to help you hone your talent and be a successful creative in Jamaica. Who is a creative? Chances are that one friend you know who can sometimes appear to be detached from the rest of the world, toggling from daydream to reality, might just be a genuine creative mind. While there may be subtle differences from individual to individual, a bonafide creative will display some revealing characteristics. They’re often innovative, witty and observant with a voracious appetite for learning. This doesn’t mean that some persons are bursting at the seams with creativity and others are completely devoid of the trait. It means that, much like the ability to sing, some might be more adept than others. " Creatives sometimes feel isolated because they seem a bit queer " Creativity is not happenstance. In fact, it’s so systematic that it has its own theory. The Componential Theory of Creativity is the brainchild of Theresa Amabile and it specifies that peak creativity is achieved when certain conditions are met in an individual. Creatives are at the top of their game when they’re intrinsically motivated, highly skilled in a particular field with superb creative thinking skills all existing in an environment that fosters this creativity. Identifying your creative side Have you ever marvelled at the sheer power of your mind when you’re backed Issue �: October ���� into a corner with nowhere else to turn? Some of the most notable creative thinkers conjured their world famous ideas when they were down trodden or after multiple failures. Adversity can sometimes be the trigger in a domino effect that leads to success. However, you shouldn’t have to wait for adversity to spark creativity; you know yourself and find out what you’re good at. Additionally, having an already established talent shouldn’t excuse you from identifying and developing other talents. There’s always room for improvement and sharpening your skills is crucial for remaining relevant in this dynamic entrepreneurial climate. know the variables that lead to maximum creativity and so you can create the conditions that are ripe for it. Find out what motivates or inspires you Intrinsic motivation is one condition highlighted in Amabile’s theory. It refers to a behaviour driven by internal satisfaction; your actions are independent of external rewards. We have all experienced bursts of inspiration at some point or another where we’re so full of energy that we could take on any feat and emerge unscathed. Tapping into these moments of magic can increase creativity tenfold. The euphoric feeling of invincibility can fuel bursts of creativity and the good news is you don’t have to wait around for these bursts of inspiration; you can create them. The right environment There are many instances where naturally creative individuals are virtually neutered by soul sucking environments that massacre motivation and crush creativity. Distancing yourself from these environments and designing your own personal safe haven will work wonders for your creativity. The right environment is not only a physical space but a mental one as well. Activities such as yoga and meditation are famed for calming the mind and in essence create a clean slate for your creativity. "Creatives are at the top of their game when they’re intrinsically motivated" Participate in activities that can lead to those moments of inspiration. Find out what works for you and create the atmosphere that fosters your creativity. Hone your talents Everyone has a talent. Some people are fortunate enough to be able to identify talents readily, but it’s not so cut and dry for others. Do some soul searching, get to �