Success Lifestyle Magazine Issue 6- October 2019 - Page 6

5. Exercise Autonomy Flexibility is a huge advantage when seeking to expand and explore new ventures. The mere fact that you try to learn or communicate in the language of the audience you are trying to attract shows possible investors and potential customers that you are open to learning about their culture and that you are willing to extend yourself beyond the norms or stereotypes that may exist. The consistent rise of technology has made it possible for you to conduct business outside of Jamaica’s borders. You no longer have to set up a traditional brick and mortar. Consequently, you should adopt a global mindset. Limitless potential exists for businesses that want to make a deal with firms from other countries or make products for consumers in other countries. Becoming fluent in a second language is the first step towards unlocking this potential. The question is, “How can you easily learn another language?” Tips for an Entrepreneur to Easily Learn Another Language Gone are the days when you have to sign up for a class, sit in a classroom for hours, submit assignments and do a myriad of other uninteresting tasks to prove your language proficiency. Entrepreneurs who are always on the go will find it easier to invest in a good app such as Duolingo, Babbel or FluentU. These apps allow you to learn at your own pace and select the language and the level you would like to start with. Here’s a disclaimer though. These apps are not guaranteed to have you speaking like a native, but they definitely a starting point that can be accompanied by other resources when you get to advanced levels. Duolingo Duolingo is a free app but it also offers a premium service that requires a fee. You can choose from over 22 different languages and connect with people who are learning the same language. You can take a digital proficiency exam and track your progress. It’s a popular app that has over 300 million users. Babbel Babbel offers the option to choose from over 14 different languages. It’s a subscription app that offers lessons focused on beginners to intermediate levels. It also offers grammar and vocabulary lessons. Babbel allows you to practice your language skills in engaging, real-life communicative situations and it also offers tests and certifications that help you keep track of your progress. FluentU FluentU offers a language learning experience with real-life videos and the option to connect with a native speaker based on your language choice. It provides learning experiences from a real-life context, thus you give a feeling of language immersion although you are doing online. Final Words Being fluent in more than one language places you at a competitive advantage as an entrepreneur. Not only does it open opportunities to reach new markets, it also helps improve brain function and helps you establish deep connections with new partners. Learning a new language may seem intimidating but there are apps such as Duolingo, Babbel and FluentU, that make it easier. What are you waiting for? It’s time for you to learn a new language and take your business to the next level. " Being fluent in more than one language places you at a competitive advantage as an entrepreneur. "