Success Lifestyle Magazine Issue 6- October 2019 | Page 28

stay for members of staff of the French Civil Aviation Authority. I started to build my network of Jamaican host families and in 2015 our host families received their of the client. Our strong network of well- researched companies and service providers allow us to ensure that we are finding the most reasonable costs for our clients. Furthermore, we offer several payment options to our clients and we are very flexible! How do you build trust so that people feel safe in the immersion programme? This business is not just about booking and sending people off on an immersion. I thoroughly enjoy getting to know our clients! I want to know their motivations and ability to undertake an immersion programme. Clients are offered personalised support (even for group trips) before and during the stay; including for things that fall outside the scope of our programme. For example, when one of our clients from a previous group wanted to do a solo day trip to Paris, we were able to secure a chaperone who could escort her and show her the major attractions. Furthermore, clients can be reassured that we work with a network of recognized and certified language schools whose staff are always ready to help! Our host families are also carefully selected for their personal attributes and their ability to host. These are families or individuals who are accustomed to hosting international students and/or who are willing to welcome a foreigner with warmth and love. For our host family in Jamaica programme, a site visit is conducted at the homes of prospective families to ensure that certain criteria are met. What benefits have you experienced as a registered business in Jamaica? Languesol International is a registered entity in Jamaica, so the business responds to Jamaican tax codes and regulations for small businesses. Registration was quite simple, and it is great that Jamaica has an environment favourable for budding entrepreneurs. Like with every country, once you conform and respect delays, everything will be fine! Registering Languesol International has opened up a world of possibilities. It has helped boost our credibility with international partners and has built trust in our services. I highly recommend business registration for any business. (Side Note: Learn more about the business registration process by purchasing a copy of Success Lifestyle Magazine’s Business Playbook. Click here to learn more.) Why is it important for entrepreneurs to learn a foreign language? The language consultancy trip that I organised in 2012 opened my eyes to the importance of the business side of foreign language. They hired me to help these Martinique students communicate with the native English speakers in the USA because I’m bilingual. Communication would have been virtually impossible for them if I wasn’t there. I did not have a language barrier and could help my clients comfortably express themselves. Being bilingual has also created opportunities for me to enter new markets. Foreigners are often amazed that I speak both French and English fluently and enjoy being able to express themselves freely with me in French. What is the greatest challenge that you have faced as an entrepreneur? I believe that my greatest challenge as an entrepreneur was not immediately having a team. It’s difficult to accomplish your dreams alone. Having reliable people by my side has been very helpful as the business has grown. Who is your greatest inspiration? Why? I’m inspired by so many wonderful people but especially the people who are close to me. I’m fortunate to be surrounded by people who are driven and are natural strivers. They set goals and seek to accomplish them. They’re fearless and optimistic and they exude positive energy! What books, podcasts or YouTube Channels would you recommend to other entrepreneurs? I recommend the “Doing The Most” podcast hosted by Georgie-Ann Getton- Mckoy. It’s a great source for tips about the journey as an entrepreneur! What tips would you give to budding entrepreneurs? 1 Capital is one of the main challenges of businesses. I have a full-time job that allows me to pump money into Languesol International until it becomes self-sustaining. Use your day job to fund your dream job. Don’t jump headfirst into your business without having enough financial support. (Feel free to read this Success Lifestyle Magazine blog post to learn more.) 2 You don’t have to quit your day job if you love it. You can experience the best of both worlds. Reduce overhead expenses by using a coworking space. The Hub Coworking JA is our base.