Success Lifestyle Magazine Issue 6- October 2019 - Page 27

Rhody-Ann Thorpe Using Language to Create a Borderless World Her smile lights up the room. An exciting glow illuminates her skin as she sits at the table beaming with pride about her language travel business, Languesol International. Her passion is contagious and speaks volumes of her journey from hating French to being bilingual (she is fluent in both French and English). Meeting Rhody-Ann Thorpe, founder of Languesol International, for this interview forces me to reflect on how far Jamaican businesses have come. Her business extends far beyond Jamaica’s borders to the following countries: China, Brazil, France, Guadeloupe, Martinique and Panama. The Netherlands will soon be added to the mix. When did your love for French begin? She shared her journey with me and her I actually had a rocky start with French. The language was introduced to me in my first year at St. Hugh’s High School and F was my first test grade. My primary thought was, “Why is this so hard?” But, then it hit me. Other girls in my class were grasping the language and doing well. Why couldn’t I do the same? So, I intense desire to provide Jamaicans with changed my approach and mindset. My opportunities to experience other cultures. grades improved and I began to love French. In fact, I majored in French during my first year at UWI (Mona) and then participated in the French exchange program between UWI (Mona), l’Université des Antilles (Martinique) and Sciences Po (Bordeaux). The outcome was a Masters degree in Politics and International Cooperation. " I actually had a rocky start with French." Languesol (short for Language Solutions) International was birthed from my desire to see more Jamaicans experience foreign language learning and my vision to make Jamaica a destination for language travel. I first got started in language travel consultancy in 2012 when I was living and studying in Martinique. I had assisted in organising a language stay for over 25 students to go the USA. As a Jamaican and native English-Speaker, I thought it was a pity that our fellow French Caribbean nationals had to travel all the way to North America while Jamaica and other English-speaking islands were “nearby”. When I left Martinique, I continued to do some research and partnered with a few entities there to organise a language Issue �: October ���� first pilot and air traffic controllers from the French Antilles! So, the language immersion experience is not restricted to Jamaicans; it is open to all nationalities! What word would you use to describe Languesol International? Why? Ambitious. The name of the company is Languesol International. We want to ensure that Jamaicans experience the world and that Jamaica becomes a language travel destination. limited to) a combination of any of the following: language lessons Internships Volunteering opportunities Excursions The aim is to ensure that our clients are not just travelling for vacation; we want them to also have a meaningful experience and raise their levels of professionalism. What services does Languesol International provide? How do you make language travel affordable to clients yet profitable for your business? The main service provided is programme designing and consultancy for international mobility projects. Broadly, this entails putting together immersion programmes comprising of (but not Travel is expensive. Therefore, our programmes are so comprehensive that our clients have little to worry about after they register. In fact, our programmes can be personalised to the tastes and desires ��