Success Lifestyle Magazine Issue 6- October 2019 - Page 17

Tashawna Martin Creating a Little Girl's Paradise Jamaica may be a tiny island but we have a lot of love from people worldwide. Although she’s a United States (US) native, Tashawna’s love for Jamaica was inspired by her Jamaican parents who raised her with strong values. One of those values is hard work which meant that Tashawna did not shy away when she saw a gap in the Jamaican market. This dynamic 27-year- old boss chic was bold enough to open a kid’s spa on April 27, 2019 in a market that tends not to readily gravitate towards new concepts. She made the right move because business is booming! I was intrigued by Tashawna’s drive to bring such a new concept into the Jamaican market. Brilliant idea! She sat down with me to give me some insight about her business and her journey as an entrepreneur. Why Lavish Luxury Kid’s Spa? Traveling between Jamaica and the US exposed me to the differences between both markets. It also shed light on the fact that the kid’s spa concept, which is popular in the US, is a business that could work in Jamaica. Every little girl loves to be pampered. I know this first-hand because I used to take my little sister to the salon with me to get her hair and nails done but she was always bored; an adult salon doesn’t cater to the interests of little girls. It’s great to have a space where all little girls can feel special. I actually also have another business called Lavish Accessories. We sell female clothing, shoes and accessories. It is located at the same place as the spa. What services does Lavish Luxury Kid’s Spa offer? Manicures Pedicures Facials Princess makeup Natural and relaxed hairstyling Private spa parties (up to 20 children) We hope to add fully-clothed upper body massages soon. What word would you use to describe your business? Why? Lavish. Everything about it is just over the top. We provide a royal feeling from the moment you step through our doors. not have been inspected if it was not registered. Other benefits are access to loans, grants, and business bank accounts. (Side Note: Learn more about the business registration process by purchasing a copy of Success Lifestyle Magazine’s Business Playbook. Click here to learn more.) Who is your greatest inspiration? Why? My father because he is an entrepreneur. All the business-related traits I have come from him. He has encountered a lot of obstacles but he has never given up. I believe that if he could overcome everything he has gone through, I can too. What is the greatest lesson you have learned as an entrepreneur? Don’t beat yourself up. The spa should have opened in January but things did not happen as quickly as I thought they would have so I did not open until April. Everything happens for a reason. It’s often best not to rush things because at least you’ll know that the final product is what you want it to be. What benefits have you experienced as a registered business in Jamaica? The main benefit I have experienced is making customers feel more comfortable. Customers feel safe when they know a business has been registered and passed by the health department. The business could How do you juggle running a business in Jamaica while living in the US? I have an amazing team. That’s the main reason I am able to travel back and forth. I still monitor what happens on a daily basis using our security cameras and I consistently communicate with my team. What tips would you give to other entrepreneurs? 1. Don’t give up. I opened my clothing store in 2015 and was having several challenges. I eventually decided to close but I reopened