Success Lifestyle Magazine Issue 6- October 2019 - Page 10

The Entrepreneur’s Creative Mind Chances are that one friend you know who can sometimes appear to be detached from the rest of the world, toggling from daydream to reality, might just be a genuine creative mind. While there may be subtle differences from individual to individual, a bonafide creative will display some revealing characteristics. They’re often innovative, witty and observant with a voracious appetite for learning. This doesn’t mean that some persons are bursting at the seams with creativity and others are completely devoid of the trait. It means that, much like the ability to sing, some might be more adept than others. Learn from others’ successes The first place to start as potential business creative is to seek out and get to know what others in the domain have accomplished. Success Lifestyle Magazine is the best place to start when researching Jamaican creatives who have successfully turned a creative talent into a viable source of income. The stories of the entrepreneur’s featured can provide insight and inspiration to nudge you in the right direction. You can go a step further by getting to know individuals who are ahead of the game. You may be surprised to know just how many successful business creatives here in Jamaica are willing to share and mentor newcomers in the industry. Nurturing entrepreneurial skills Having a creative mind constantly churning out brilliant works of art or ideas isn’t enough to be a successful creative. A marvellous idea has the potential to evolve into a profitable business venture but, without entrepreneurial skills, it’s just another brilliant idea. Successful entrepreneurs have an arsenal of skills that guarantee their success. You may think that you don’t have these skills. You do. Entrepreneurship is a learning experience. Commit to the process and you’ll develop the requisite skills to become a successful entrepreneur. There are many ways to learn how to become a successful entrepreneur. There are business school, training seminars, personal development books, online courses. Successful entrepreneurs even attribute much of their success to knowledge gained from an insatiable reading habit and often document their journeys to becoming successful. It won’t hurt to read a few of their publications. Heck, find out what they are reading and read that too! This will help you identify the key skills needed to become a successful entrepreneur. Final Words Creatives face many challenges creating and sustaining a successful business. However, it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Jamaicans are critically acclaimed for being resilient, innovative and adaptable. Tap into your creative genes and use the tips mentioned in this article begin the journey to entrepreneurial success. Issue �: October ���� ��