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With cannabis companies looking to make every penny count , how the plant is cured and the technology around drying marijuana can be key in helping these firms save money .
by Kent Gruetzmacher

Cannabis companies are under consistent pressure to meet the demands of an increasingly competitive marketplace . Even more , as we continue to report the operational inefficiencies and financial floundering of such juggernauts as MedMen , a “ lean and mean ” mentality is gaining traction with business owners and concerned investors alike . Leading cannabis companies in today ’ s market put as much value on saving money in producing crops as they do on large yields themselves . A major facet of cannabis cultivation that has gotten little attention in the past is that of drying rooms . Yet , as we continue to reassess operations in the never-ending search for increased profitability and sustainability , it ’ s worth giving drying rooms a deeper look because streamlining drying room operations can help secure your bottom line by protecting your harvests .

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