Subaru Legacy Manuals 2016 Legacy Owner's Manual | Page 230

5-2 Audio/Antenna Antenna & Printed antenna any other material over the antenna portion of the rear window glass. Audio set & Roof antenna (if equipped) Your vehicle may be equipped with one of the following audio sets. Refer to the pages indicated in this section for operat- ing details. CAUTION Do not use sharp instruments or window cleaner containing abra- sives to clean the inner surface of the window on which the antenna is printed. Doing so may damage the antenna printed on the window. CAUTION The satellite antenna and STARLINK antenna (if equipped) are installed in the center of the roof at the rear. . Always consult your SUBARU dealer before installing a citizen band radio or other transmitting device in your vehicle. Such devices may cause the electronic control system to malfunction if they are incorrectly installed or if they are not suited for the vehi- cle. . To prevent the battery from being discharged, do not leave the audio/visual system when the engine is not running. NOTE The antenna is printed on the inner surface of the rear window glass. NOTE Antenna performance will deteriorate significantly if you apply tinting film or . If a cell phone is placed near the audio set, it may cause the audio set to emit noise when the phone receives calls. This noise does not indicate an audio set malfunction. Note that a cell phone should not be placed near the audio set.