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Lineartronic ® CVT + Active Torque Split AWD
A boxer engine , or a horizontally opposed engine , is an engine configuration in which the pistons move toward each other in a horizontal direction . Subaru has been solely committed to the SUBARU BOXER ® engine for over 50 years due to its many advantages over other engine types , including low centre of gravity and durability .
The available Lineartronic ® CVT in the Impreza continually adjusts to any ratio in its range , keeping the engine in its optimal power band for efficient and smooth acceleration , driving performance and fuel efficiency that rivals that of two-wheel drive competitors . It comes paired with Subaru ’ s active torque split AWD system . Its default torque of 60 % front and 40 % rear is adjusted up to a 50 / 50 split in response to real-time traction conditions .
Long-lasting Performance
Inherently rigid and self-balancing , there ’ s less vibration and more durability than other engine types .


Subaru Global Platform
The Subaru Global Platform ( SGP ) sets high standards for both safety and performance . Its rigid construction is designed to protect you and your passengers while delivering the driving feel you can find only in a Subaru .
Increased Stability
The low centre of gravity and flat design give it better side-to-side stability than other engine types .


Subaru Symmetrical Full-Time All-Wheel Drive ( AWD )
Subaru Symmetrical Full-Time All-Wheel Drive efficiently distributes power to all wheels for better traction on wet and slippery roads . Laid out in a horizontally symmetrical plane , the system is well-balanced side-to-side , allowing for better optimized suspension designs and providing a more stable and safer ride .
The inherent chassis rigidity and responsive suspension provide exceptional handling dynamics and a low centre of gravity , allowing the car to grip the road surface for enhanced drivability .
Reduced Noise / Vibrations
The strong frame structure and joints allow for substantial torsional rigidity . SGP works to dampen vibrations throughout the body , including the cabin .
Ride Comfort
The suspension system absorbs shocks on uneven roads without overly flexing the body . The available rear stabilizers 1 have been mounted directly on the chassis , reducing body roll and vibrations for improved ride comfort and more control .
1 Touring , Sport and Sport-tech trims only . See your retailer for details . 13