Subaru BRZ Brochures 2023 BRZ Brochure - Page 15

Floor it , and it will floor you .
Engage the six-speed transmission , and push it . Rev it . Smile . At any rpm , power is delivered smoothly and efficiently , thanks to the SUBARU BOXER ® engine ’ s balanced design with horizontally opposed pistons .
The Classic SUBARU BOXER ® Engine
The heart and soul of the BRZ is the 2.4-litre SUBARU BOXER ® engine with 228 hp and 184 lb-ft of torque . Designed to be light , low and stable , the BOXER ® engine has been optimized to deliver power and torque early and over a wide rev range .
Performance Suspension
A sport-tuned , fully independent suspension brings out every bit of agility and responsiveness the Subaru BRZ has to offer . MacPherson-type front struts help maximize rigidity and a feeling of direct control by allowing the SUBARU BOXER ® engine to be placed low in the chassis . And a doublewishbone rear design soaks up bumps without sacrificing control .
Ultra-low Centre of Gravity
From the roofline to the seating position to the SUBARU BOXER ® engine , every element of the wide BRZ is placed as low as possible . This helps create an ultralow centre of gravity of just 456 mm .