StylleWise Media Kit 2022 | Page 22

By using many digital mediums , our publication is available for immediate access to content and ads with no fee . When faced with choosing between two equivalent apps , one free and one with a small monthly fee , the obvious choice is the free app . Because our publication will be available for free on so many different mediums , the possibilities for the amount of users viewing your ads are truly limitless . Anyone with access to a computer , an iPad , Blackberry Playbook , or an Android Honeycomb Tablet , will be able to view StyleWise in it ’ s full glory .

“... “... the the possibility for for the the amount of of users users viewing your your ads ads are are truly truly limitless ...” ...”

With distribution channels such as Apple ’ s App Store , Android ’ s Marketplace , and the World Wide Web , we can give your brand worldwide exposure to anyone accessing the internet .