Style Guide - Page 9

LIFE UNIVERSITY SPECIFIC Healthcare vs. Health Care As a profession (noun), us “health care” (two words): We are thought leaders in health care. As an adjective, use healthcare (one word): He is a healthcare practitioner. Chiropractic As a profession, capitalize: He is a leading voice in Chiropractic. As an adjective, lowercase: We advertise in several chiropractic magazines. Vitalism As a philosophy, capitalize: Life University is founded on the principles of Vitalism. As an adjective, use “vitalistic,” lowercase: As chiropractors, we strive to live vitalistic lifestyles. Common Words / Phrases NOT to Use The following are sometimes used in the profession, but are NOT in alignment with LIFE’s philosophy: “Medicine” or “Chiropractic Medicine” “Physician” or “Chiropractic Physician” “Cure”—use “provide relief,” “ease” or “help heal” / ”facilitate healing” “Treatment”—use “care” or “adjustment” “Good health” / “Bad health”—use “in health,” “healthy” / “health,” “well” / “wellness” “Prevention” —use “preventive care” or “wellness care” Life University Style Guide | 9