Style Guide - Page 5

LIFE UNIVERSITY SPECIFIC Use possessive degree format as appropriate: He earned his Master’s degree in Clinical Nutrition from Life University. Remember: One is a “Master of” but earns one’s “Master’s in” Capitalizing Titles If a title is an official title attached to a name, capitalize the title, otherwise use lowercase: President Riekeman addressed the graduates. Dr. Guy Riekeman, president of Life University, addressed the graduates. Redundant Titles Do not duplicate titles; use either “Dr.” before the name, or academic degree abbreviation(s) following the name, NOT both: Dr. Guy F. Riekeman (correct) Guy F. Riekeman, D.C. (correct) NOT Dr. Guy F. Riekeman, D.C. (incorrect) D.C. vs DC Punctuate “D.C.” if using as an academic title following a name: David Koch, D.C. Do NOT use punctuation if using “DC” as a noun: A group of DCs attended the convention in Florida. DCs vs. DC’s When pluralizing “DCs,” do not use an apostrophe. “DC’s” refers to the possessive only: Two DCs spoke at the conference. One DC’s specialty was pediatric chiropractic, while the other DC worked mostly with athletes. Life University Style Guide | 5