Style Guide - Page 4

LIFE UNIVERSITY SPECIFIC LIFE News & Events & Daily LIFE Wires Use these two formats only (NOT E-Life or E-News); LIFE News & Events (three words with an ampersand, capitalized as shown) is found online. Daily LIFE Wires are distributed as needed. Subsidiaries Capitalize the names of major subdivisions of the University: Life University’s College of Chiropractic The Board of Trustees for Life University Internal Elements Use lowercase for internal elements of the University: the basketball team at Life University the president of Life University UNLESS used as part of an official title: Life University President Guy Riekeman Life University Head Basketball Coach, John Barrett Degrees The following are correct uses of the degrees we confirm: Associate of Science = Associate degree (NOT Associate’s) Bachelor of Science = B.S. = Bachelor’s degree Bachelor of Business Administration = B.B.A. = Bachelor’s degree Master of Science = M.S. = Master’s degree Doctor of Chiropractic = D.C. (Use these two forms ONLY and capitalize “Doctor of Chiropractic” in all cases) Use “of” program or degree format when referring to the specific Life University program: LIFE’s Master of Science in Clinical Nutrition is our newest degree offering. Life University Style Guide | 4