Style Guide - Page 19

COMMON GRAMMAR & STYLE ISSUES Quotations When quoting someone’s actual words, use double quotes (“...”): Abraham Lincoln famously said, “Four score and seven years ago...” When using a colloquial phrase, word or saying, use the single (‘...’): This is the very definition of our ‘Lasting Purpose.’ When writing a letter or memo containing a long quote (more than a sentence or two), make the quote its own paragraph within the body of the text. For a quote within a quote, use double quote (“…”) to begin and end the larger quote and use single quote (‘…’) for the internal quote: “When I graduated from chiropractic school,” she says, “my father said, ‘I’m so proud of you.’” Final punctuation always comes before the end quote: “What’s the deal?” he asked. Says Riekeman, “This is what LIFE is all about!” State Abbreviations AP style no longer accepts state abbreviations. When writing the name of a state, always spell it out completely. Life University Style Guide | 19