Style Guide | Page 18

COMMON GRAMMAR & STYLE ISSUES Directions are lowercase north, south, east, west UNLESS they refer to a specific region: The heart of the South, or are part of a proper name: West Coast; Spring Break. Titles Always capitalize the first word, and every word that is four letters or more, UNLESS a short word or preposition is significant to the title’s meaning: Lights of LIFE Silence of the Lambs A Bridge Too Far Time of Day Abbreviations are always lowercase with a space between the number and the abbreviation, and with periods punctuating the letters: 6:00 a.m. 10:42 p.m. Composition Titles Magazine and newspaper titles aren’t italicized; just capitalized. For composition titles such as books, video games, films, TV shows, works of art, speeches, etc., use quotation marks. She read The New York Times before she watched “Inception” and “Friends.” My favorite book is “The Kite Runner.” Life University Style Guide | 18