Style Guide - Page 17

COMMON GRAMMAR & STYLE ISSUES Less / Fewer Use “less” for non-quantifiable items: We have less time to complete the project. Use “fewer” for quantifiable items: We have fewer hours to complete the project. Toward “Towards” is the common British English usage, not the official American English usage. Regardless Is the proper word. There is no such word as “irregardless.” A whole other Is the proper phrase. There is no such phrase as “a whole nother.” Words that combine without hyphens Nonetheless Notwithstanding Oftentimes Adding “wide” to the end of a word: citywide, nationwide UNLESS it looks awkward: Universitywide should be hyphenated to University-wide. City Capitalization Use greater Atlanta, metro Atlanta and metro area (do not capitalize modifiers). Seasons are lowercase spring, summer, fall, winter UNLESS part of a specific title: Winter Quarter 2011 Life University Style Guide | 17