Style Guide | Page 15

COMMON GRAMMAR & STYLE ISSUES Affect / Effect “Affect”—Is a verb meaning “to influence”: Attitude affects performance. “Effect”—Is a noun meaning “result”: Overall, the effects of the workshop were very positive. Farther / Further “Farther”—Relates to physical distance: Public Safety is housed farther down Barclay Circle. “Further”—Is a definition of degree: We’re taking health one step further. Lay /Lie “Lay”—Takes a direct object: Just lay the paper on my desk. The past tense is laid: He laid the paper on my desk. “Lie”—Is the act of reclining in a horizontal position: I need to lie down. The past tense is “lay”: I asked the patient to lay face down on the table. The present participle version is “lying”: He is lying down. “Lie”—Also means not telling the truth. Past tense is “lied.” Present participle is “lying.” Life University Style Guide | 15