Style Guide - Page 14

COMMON GRAMMAR & STYLE ISSUES To / Two / Too “To”—Relates to direction: He went to school. “Two”—Is the number: He has two tests today. “Too”—Means also: Mary has a test too. Or relates to a generic comparison amount: He has too many tests today. NOTE: When it comes to placing a comma before “too,” the preferred style is to omit it unless it adds wanted emphasis or clarity to the sentence: I would like to attend the meeting too. I, too, find the meetings helpful. There / Their / They’re “There”—Relates to direction/location: Before Lyceum Park was there, the area was a parking lot. There are several other campus improvement projects underway. “Their”—Is a plural possessive: Their offices are just down the hall. “They’re”—Is the contraction of “they are”: They’re going to the café later. Here / Hear “Here”—Relates to position: Here is the brochure you requested. “Hear”—Relates to listening: I always hear so many great things about LIFE. Its / It’s “Its”—Is the possessive form: Its purpose is to involve and engage students in their own learning. “It’s”—Is the contraction of “it is”: It’s called the Quality Enhancement Program (QEP). Life University Style Guide | 14