Study: Turning content dollars into audience - Page 5


Invest in original content: Content is the key differentiating factor in the media industry. Since many providers/channels offer the same licensed content, players can only differentiate

themselves by offering original content that is exclusive to their medium.

Build your own competitive advantage: Various players have managed to build another competitive advantage besides the content factor, for example Netflix (largest portfolio of new originals), Disney+ (untapped market segment and strong brand), and TV Now (freemium model). These other differentiating characteristics help generate a larger subscriber base and increase

consumer retention.

Produce local content: Global content is no longer sufficient to attract consumers in different regions, since they also demand content that is produced locally and focuses on local culture and habits. Thus, the players in the media industry have to adapt their content strategy to include

more diversified content.

Listen to consumer demands: Consumers have clear expectations regarding their media consumption channel. By incorporating these demands into the platform/channel, players can

significantly increase the chances of higher consumer satisfaction and retention.

Extend your coverage of the value chain: For most players, it is of major importance to increase their footprint along the value chain, since focusing on only one stage is generally no longer



Linear channels need to diversify and build a digital pillar: In general, linear channels face a decrease in minutes consumed per day/people watching them at all. Especially for the popular formats of series and movies, consumers prefer digital channels because they offer a larger variety (depth and breadth of content) at any time. Thus, it is not sufficient anymore to cover the

linear market only; it is necessary to set up a hybrid model for the provision of both linear and

digital content.