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This is in line with the opinion of our interviewed experts. They also pointed to local content as

a clear means of differentiation. Especially in Germany, locally produced content such as Dark

or How To Sell Drugs Online (both shown on Netflix) is highly attractive and offers add-on

potential by producing follow-up seasons. On the other hand, only certain movies and series

are suited to scaling globally, such as Netflix’s Stranger Things or Narcos. They work in

multiple markets due to their compelling storyline, while other genres such as comedy rarely

scale globally because humor differs significantly across various markets and cultures.

According to the goetzpartners Content Efficiency Index, the most popular format for the time

being is series, followed by movies. In particular, original series that fall into the crime drama or

dramedy genres tend to perform well as they have a broad appeal.

However, content exclusivity in the right format alone is not sufficient. Broadcasters must have an

appealing brand image and offer beneficial features – this is particularly true for younger audiences.

According to our expert panel, Amazon and Netflix, for instance, are regarded as fresher

brands than linear TV channels due to their appealing design. In addition, features such as

premiering content before it airs on linear channels, highlighting new releases, or personalized

content recommendations are highly valued. Especially the streaming platforms of TV channels,

such as ProSiebenSat.1 Media’s platform Joyn or RTL’s platform TV Now, frequently offer premieres.