Study: Turning content dollars into audience - Page 22

However, in addition to the pure content factor, immediate availability in terms of time and device

is also very decisive for consumers in choosing their preferred consumption channel/medium. The

consumer survey conducted by goetzpartners confirms this assumption. Consumers are able to

watch their personal choice of content in a very flexible manner, i.e., on any device at any time. TV

channels are simply not able to offer this kind of freedom to consumers, which is another reason

why streaming services have become much more popular over the years and have registered higher

growth rates in their audience. This desire to flexibly choose the content they watch is closely

connected to the overall societal trend of individualization and independence; consumers demand

the power to decide on their personal movie/series program independently of a selected channel.

Thus, the slogan “Content is King” gets an add-on: “Content is King, Distribution is Queen.”