Study: Turning content dollars into audience - Page 12


Comparing the perception of the content provided, US platforms are ranked much higher for

most criteria, except for Apple TV+. Overall, Netflix receives the highest scores (77% of the participants ranked it as very good or good on average), followed by Disney+ (75%) and Prime

Video (72%).

However, the three providers ranked best are also the ones that are most expensive. Thus, our data

supports the statement of “Content is King”, since consumers are willing to spend money for

services that they regard as having high-quality content.


**226 participants in Germany

Among a selection of 12 criteria, those regarding content quality, depth, and breadth of content

were most important (survey participants selected important or relatively important) for

consumers in the choice of their streaming provider7). Besides these criteria, price and the absence

of advertising were the other two decisive elements8). In terms of pricing, around 30% of consumers

are willing to pay €16-20 per month for streaming services. Almost 28% are even willing to pay

more than €20 per month. This allows consumers to subscribe to two or three streaming services

within their budget.