Study: Automotive Suppliers 2017 - Page 7

7 1) New technologies and software solutions dramatically change the car as we know it CHANGES IN PRODUCTION THROUGH ELECTRIFICATION OUTLOOK SHARE OF ELECTRIC VEHICLES IN TOTAL REGISTRATIONS [1] MOVING ENGINE PARTS [#] 15-25% 100 ~250k jobs in the German supplier industry affected The shift from pure combustion engines towards electrified powertrains will change the development process for cars as well as inspection and maintenance measures. <1% 2016 2025 U.S. DEPART. OF ENERGY – WEIGHT REDUCTION TARGETS 54% 40% 26% 20% 2020 2030 ICEs BEVs 1 Combustion engine Electric engine LINES OF SOFTWARE CODE [millions] Autonomous driving car >300 Airbus A380 100 Car in 2013 100 Windows Vista 50 Ford GT (MY 2017) 10 787 - Dreamliner 7 Eurofighter Typhoon 1.5 Space Shuttle 0.4 First, various components will become obsolete, which will affect ~250k jobs (31%) in the German supplier industry. Second, weight reduction will drive the share of multi-material processing (e.g. carbon and aluminum). Third, there will be a drastic increase in software use coupled with requirements to integrate connectivity solutions, autonomous driving and electrified powertrains. [1] BEV or PHEV Source: VDA press release,12/2/2016; Frankfurter Rundschau,12/28/2016; Volkswagen Website; NYC Aviation Website; New York Times, 9/26/2015; Final report of the U.S. Department of Energy, 2/21/2013; Computerbild, 4/5/2015; NASA Website; BAE Systems Case Study; goetzpartners analysis