Study: Automotive Suppliers 2017 - Page 5

5 B) Digitalization is an important driver in changing customer requirements FROM PRODUCT-CENTRICITY… …TO CUSTOMER-CENTRICITY OUTLOOK Engine Sustainability Navigation CUSTOMERS COMPONENTS CAR Infotainment system AC Design • Focus on product, product features, and add-ons • Products and solutions oriented to car Auton. driving Sensor technol. Model variety ? OEMS REQUIREMENTS ? ? CUSTOMER Customization Style Connected Car Connectivity • Focus on customers and their user experience • Products and solutions oriented to customer demand The concept of autonomous driving will develop further and become a part of the user experience. It is estimated that by 2030, one fifth of all new cars sold will be self-driving. Sensor technology will allow users to constantly assess and connect to the environment (e.g. V-2-V [1] and V-2-I [2] communication). Car models will vary based on the purpose of travel (10-minute commute to work, long distance, leisure). The car is perceived as a second living room and requires customization of observable features (e.g. design, seats) as an expression of customers’ personal styles and ways of living. Customers seek sustainable products and materials to satisfy their “green” consciousness. Connectivity as a must-have: customers connect the car with their digital lifestyles and the digitalized world. [1] Vehicle-to-vehicle [2] Vehicle-to-infrastructure Source: goetzpartners analysis