Study: Automotive Suppliers 2017 - Page 13

13 Strategic imperative: Build an agile organization to become fit for the future goetzpartners AGILITY DIAGNOSIS AND TRANSFORMATION OUR APPROACH goetzpartners revealed a strong correlation between the agility index [1] and financial performance. Agile leaders show 2.7x performance of weaker players IMPLEMENT PROVEN AGILITY FITNESS PROGRAMS Build an agile organization by conducting a fitness test to assess the company’s degree of agility and reveal improvement potential Benchmark the agility degree internally against relevant competitors and the automotive industry Fact-based DIAGNOSIS [1] on cross-functional level (incl. all regions, units, and hierarchies) BENCHMARKING against internal units/ regions, competitors and car industry SETTING OF TARGETS and PRIORITIES based on company-specific degree of agility FROM CONSTITUTION … SHARED LEADERSHIP and CROSS-FUNCTIONAL TEAMS to handle speed and complexity of customer interfaces Continuous FEEDBACK LOOPS to improve performance and react to changing customer requirements … TO PERFORMANCE 4 agility fitness programs 80+ measures >60 agility programs analyzed Execution of proven goetzpartners AGILITY FITNESS PROGRAM based on previous target setting Set targets and priorities to derive a customized fitness program across five company dimensions and four frameworks Implement shared leadership models and define small, crossfunctional teams to ensure full impact across the organization and avoid uncoordinated efforts Set up feedback loops to rigorously measure, learn, and adapt to changing customer requirements [1] The Agile Performer Index© developed in cooperation with Prof. Christopher Worley (NEOMA Business School) Source: goetzpartners analysis