Study Abroad and Exchange Summer Term 2021 - Page 8

Study Abroad & Exchange Summer Term 2021 Chemical Reaction Engineering CEIC2005 Electrical and Telecommunications Engineering ELEC1111 Art & Design Artificial Intelligence Engineering Mechanics COMP3411 Arts & Social Sciences ENGG1300 Built Environment Human Computer Interaction Fluid Mechanics for Engineers COMP3511 COMP9511 Business School ENGG2500 Engineering Indigenous Studies (Nura Gili) Data Structures and Algorithms COMP9024 Ethics and Leadership in Engineering GSOE9510 Law Extended Artificial Intelligence Medicine Engineering COMP9814 Mechanics of Solids 1 ENGG2400 Science Be empowered at a globally renowned Engineering faculty, where Structural Analysis and Modelling Work Integrated Learning passion, diverse perspectives and a hands-on approach create solutions for a better world CVEN2303 7