Study Abroad and Exchange Summer Term 2021 - Page 12

Study Abroad & Exchange Summer Term 2021 Science Art & Design Arts & Social Sciences Think big and form deeper connections with our world. Allow your curiosity to be inspired as you discover your own path, exploring areas of science that prepare you with the skillsets needed for tomorrow’s workforce. Built Environment Business School Engineering Sustainable aviation and tourism Advanced Special Project in Chemistry The Psychology of Addiction Indigenous Studies (Nura Gili) AVIA3900 SCIF3900 CHEM3998 PSYC1022 Law Note: Course includes a field trip with additional costs. Medicine An Introduction to the Sydney Environment The Marine Environment Clinical Perspectives on Anxiety, Mood and Stress Science MSCI0501 BEES6601 PSYC1024 Work Integrated Learning Special Project in Chemistry Introduction to Astronomy Science and the Cinema CHEM2999 PHYS1160 SCIF1004 11