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Summer Term Arts 2021 Study Art & Abroad Design & Exchange Arts & Social Science Summer Built Environment Term 2021 Business School Engineering Art & Design Indigenous Studies (Nura Gili) Law Arts & Social Sciences Medicine Science Built Environment Work Integrated Learning Business School & Social Sciences Tackle the big issues facing the world today, make sense of complexity and be rewarded by channelling your passion into action. Deep thinking across broad subject matter will feed your whole mind and a handson approach will give you the skills you need to positively impact societies and communities. Ancient Egypt and Western Asia ARTS2281 Ways of Reasoning ARTS2374 Along the Silk Road: Conquerors, Traders and Explorers ARTS2458 Gods, Heroines and Heroes in Greek Myth Sounds Good: Music, Pleasure and Well-being HUMS1009 Experiencing the Sydney Opera House HUMS1010 Engineering ARTS2542 Experiencing Sydney Crime Indigenous Studies (Nura Gili) Doing Film Festivals HUMS1011 Law Medicine ARTS3068 Presentation and Communication Skills Managing Greenhouse Gas Emissions IEST6911 Science HUMS1006 Making Virtual Reality Documentaries Work Integrated Learning MDIA2013 Corporate and Interpersonal Communication 2 MDIA5022