Stray Thoughts 2019 Volume 4 Fall 2019 Newsletter_Digital

Stray Thoughts News, Events & Adoption Information Fall 2019 Inside Page 2: WSHS Wishlist WSHS Staff Ways to Give Page 3 Ready for a Home Page 4: Ask the Trainer Page 5: Pet Watch with Dr. Main Letters from Adopters Page 6: Holiday Gift Pawction Volunteer Spotlight Page 7: Hearty Thanks Page 8: Barkapalooza Sponsors & Pledge & Raffle Winners Stray Thoughts is an official publication of the West Suburban Humane Society, a not-for-profit, volunteer- based animal shelter. No city, state, or federal funds support WSHS. Donations are tax deductible as allowed by law. Please call (630) 960-9600, ext. 25 to submit articles or receive donation information. Adoption Center: 1901 W. Ogden Avenue, Downers Grove, IL 60515 E-mail Address: Phone: (630) 960-9600 Fax: (630) 960-9604 Toby & Black Cherry: Loving Cats in Need of Loving Homes I t was the luckiest day of Toby’s life when a WSHS supporter called the shelter about an injured cat she found. He was an unneutered male stray, trying to make it through outdoor life without being attacked by other males. Part of his tail was missing and what he did have was raw and painful. We immediately took him to our vet where he got the royal treatment. His wounds were cleaned up, he was neutered, vaccinated, had blood and stool tests. Everything turned out okay EXCEPT that Toby had been bitten badly by a cat that was infected with FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus). Bite wounds are the most common way FIV spreads so free-roaming, aggressive male cats are the most frequently infected and unfortunately, Toby got in the path of one of those. Toby loves to play. He will play with a laser pointer or chase a feather wand. He likes catnip too. He gets a little wary if you are petting him and you go too far down his back near his tail, but if you suffered trauma there, you would be too. He just needs to build trust with people. Black Cherry is as sweet as can be! She came to WSHS pregnant from Newton County Animal Control. Once she had her kittens and they were weaned, she was ready to be adopted. As part of our protocol, we tested her for FIV and Feline Leukemia. We were devastated when she tested positive for FIV. Black Cherry is very relaxed and loves a good chin scratch and petting. She would make an excellent lap and cuddle partner. Both Toby and Black Cherry share an office with the Executive Director of the shelter. The volunteers and staff spend time with them, but they are never considered Toby Black Cherry for adoption because people don’t understand the facts of this disease. Below is information from Dr. Patty Khuly VMD about FIV: 1. FIV is not transmissible to humans! No way. No how. Never. I don’t care what you’ve heard. You should banish the thought once and for all. 2. FIV is about as transmissible as HIV. Which is to say not very. Animals in the same household cannot transmit the disease from one to another except by mating (a behavior sterilized animals will not effectively engage in) or by inflicting bite wounds (not typical even among cohabitants with bad attitudes). Continued on page 2