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Winter 2017


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Jack is a 6 year old Labrador Retriever , who had one home his whole life before becoming homeless recently due to a family crisis . He came to West Suburban Humane Society in search of a new family . When he arrived we discovered he was overweight , limping and had a mass on his front leg , so we took him to the vet right away . As it turns out , Jack has a lot of medical problems .

Jack has a torn ACL and meniscus on his left leg , a partial tear of the ACL on the right , hookworm , lungworm , a mast cell tumor , and a broken canine tooth with pulp exposure . This will require two , possibly three surgeries , many medications and a weight loss regimen to take the stress off of his joints . To fix Jack completely , it may cost our shelter $ 8,000 or more and that ’ s with the discounted rates we receive from our vets .
Jack ’ s first surgery to repair his torn ACL and meniscus was successful . Unfortunately before the surgery the vet took x-rays and it was discovered that Jack also needs a total hip replacement on his left hip .
At West Suburban Humane Society , we never turn our back on an animal in need . But we couldn ’ t do it without the help of our generous supporters !
Donating toward Jack ’ s treatments , medications and surgeries will not only ensure that he gets everything he needs , it will also help the shelter when other animals are in need . By taking some of Jack ’ s financial burden off of West Suburban Humane Society now , you will be putting the shelter in a better position to support the next homeless pet with medical issues .
Jack deserves a pain-free life and when you donate to his cause , you will help to make that goal a reality . West Suburban Humane Society will be extremely grateful for your support . It will be a huge help and will be paid forward .
From Jack and the staff and volunteers of West Suburban Humane Society , we heartily thank you for considering a donation ! You donation can and does save lives !