it as much more than that . To me , TÖST is a true ‘ occasion-based ’ beverage . It ’ s a wonderful option for anyone who wants to enjoy a beverage that is both meaningful and sophisticated , but doesn ’ t have any alcohol in it . It may be because they ’ ve chosen to be sober , or because they ’ re taking a break from drinking , or because they just want to enjoy a great tasting non-alcoholic beverage .”
Since TÖST ’ s official launch in 2017 , Addington has witnessed a promising trajectory of continual growth . Addington attributes TÖST ’ s success to the effort that he and his team have put into developing relationships with distributors , as well as the overall growth of the non-alcoholic beverage market . “ When we launched in April 2017 , I would drive down to our distribution warehouse in Red Hook , New York and pick up boxes of products . I would then take my products to a
number of stores in the Hudson Valley and on Route 7 leading back to Vermont and talk to the store owners about my product . We didn ’ t have any solid distributor relationships in the beginning , but we had a few crucial wins early on , in terms of establishing rapport with different businesses that allowed us to continue to expand .”
By the end of 2017 , Addington had secured 100 separate retailer and distributor accounts . By working diligently to expand TÖST ’ s clientele base , Addington and his team were able to repeatedly double TÖST ’ s revenue three years in a row in 2018 , 2019 , and 2020 . Addington estimates that at the end of 2021 , TÖST ’ s revenue will have quadrupled when compared to the previous year ’ s numbers . “ We ’ ve got over 2,000 accounts now , which is amazing when you consider the exponential growth
rate ,” notes Addington . “ We also have a high retailer retention rate . TÖST products are currently available at stores in 8 countries and over thirty states here in the U . S ., and we ’ re looking to expand our consumer base to many other countries , and to other large chain retailers , such as BevMo in California . The market demand for premium non-alcoholic beverages has grown to the point that they have increased their shelving space for non-alcoholic offerings . It ’ s exciting to watch our industry niche rapidly grow , because it speaks to a true sea change in people ’ s attitude towards non-alcoholic beverages .”
Over the course of the past several years , TÖST has also received a series of awards and glowing high profile write-ups from food and beverage critics . “ In 2018 , we won a SOFI award from the Specialty Food Association for Best New Product Cold
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