different varieties of bottled tea . When I came back stateside in 2011 , all I saw in terms of non-alcoholic beverage offerings were sodas and energy drinks . We really didn ’ t have the same beverage diversity back then that we have today .”
Addington says that from the moment that he first tasted TÖST , he was immediately smitten . “ I just felt like there was something special about it ,” says Addington . “ The branding was great , and the drink inside the bottle was just as good as the branding . I knew that I wanted to be involved . I was brought onto the TÖST team originally as an advisor , and then took over as CEO to bring the product live to market .” Today , Addington serves as both the primary shareholder and CEO of TÖST . Since TÖST ’ s launch in 2017 , Addington has drawn on his decades of experience in the field of finance to build the company into a quickly growing powerhouse in the non-alcoholic beverage industry .
“ I think that my career in finance gave me a huge advantage when it came to understanding how money works and how it flows through a business ,” says Addington . “ I had experience running businesses when I was working in Japan . I was managing small and large groups , and I was also responsible for overseeing a wide range of budgets , so I felt very comfortable with the finance piece .”
Addington adds that the years that he spent engaged with smaller startup companies after he came back to the United States in 2011 also helped him to understand the subtle dynamics of the consumer product industry . “ Whenever you are promoting a consumer product ( such as TÖST ) it ’ s always important to have a good understanding
of what market your product is targeted towards . Some products are niche products with specific markets , but the great thing about TÖST is that it has an incredibly wide consumer audience , it tastes great , and creates a positive experience for people . If you go to our website , you ’ ll be able to read about the philosophy behind our beverages . They were created so that everyone can enjoy their moments together and celebrate in a positive manner .”
Although the original idea behind TÖST came out of the desire to build a product that could be consumed by people that are living alcohol-free lifestyles , Addington insists that TÖST is more than just an “ alternative ” beverage for people living a chemically abstinent life . “ Although TÖST is certainly a wonderful alcohol-free option for people who are members of sobriety fellowships or who are entirely sober , I see
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