As the holiday season arrives , the spirit of joy and wonder is alive and well in Southern Vermont . Friends and families come from far and wide to gather together , raising their glasses to commemorate moments of convivial celebration . “ I believe everyone should be able to enjoy a high-quality celebratory beverage at any festive occasion ,” says Brooks Addington . Addington is the CEO of TÖST , a high-end non-alcoholic sparkling beverage company based in Manchester , Vermont . Addington has spent the past several years working to build and promote TÖST ’ s refreshing line of non-alcoholic sparkling beverages . By doing so , he has played an influential role in shaping the development of the non-alcoholic beverage industry . Today , TÖST stands as a product that provides everyone with the opportunity to celebrate the best moments of their lives with a tasty beverage , regardless of whether or not they choose to consume alcohol .
Before he became the CEO of TÖST , Addington got his start in the field of finance in Tokyo , Japan as an equity broker . “ As soon as I started there , I developed a liking for working in sales , and I fell in love with Japan and its culture .” In 2001 , Addington was sent