Strategy Document 2020 - 2024 | Page 6

OUR Challenges Micro-organisms play an essential role in humans, animals, plants, the environment and industrial processes and a have signifi cant impact in a changing world. The challenges we face, alongside our Member Societies, are constantly changing and evolving. FAKE 5 Changing Landscape Open Communication Ensuring Value Building Trust Infl uence Policy The scholarly publication landscape is rapidly changing as publishers and authors move to an Open Access platform, with a corresponding decline in the traditional subscription- based model. This has the potential to significantly reduce our income and the extent to which we can support our community. As a membership organization we need to continue to ensure that we support Member Societies and their members. Understanding their needs and demonstrating how we contribute to their goals is an essential task that asks for a custom approach. We also see a challenge in communicating and engaging with our membership as we seek for their contributions and conviction of the benefits of working collectively. FEMS is a pan-European organization but with a world-wide audience. Our authors, reviewers, editors, Directors and Congress attendees come from around the world. We must value our audiences by ensuring we bring benefit and provide services to all. Sub-standard research, misreporting, poor journalism and fake news have all contributed to a decrease in the trust of experts. This is also being contributed to by research presented in predatory journals and conferences. Highlighting the risks of all these must be on the agenda to restore trust in science and researchers. Microbiology can play a vital role in tackling global climate change and its consequences. FEMS must urge policy makers to respond to the scientific evidence underlying climate change and its impact on temperature, sea level, ice cover and fauna and flora. Learn More Learn More Share