Strategy Document 2020 - 2024 | Page 2

Introduction from the Introduction from the FEMS was founded in 1974 to encourage scientific collaboration, facilitate international communication and support meetings, training, and research among European microbiologists. Since then, our activities have expanded but these same core principles underpin everything we do. This Strategic Plan is a reiteration of the reasons FEMS was founded and how we can still apply these to today’s scientific landscape. It outlines the goals we want to accomplish but also describes the value we place on achieving these in a fair, open and inclusive way. Although the field of microbiology and the number of events and publications has grown since then, we have retained our distinct identity as a not-for-profit organization that maintains our core values of scientific integrity and editorial independence. We still use our revenues to support microbiology and invest in microbiologists. We continue to promote diversity and inclusion. This document reaffirms our intention to hold these values dear while we adapt as circumstances change. We plan to build on these foundations as we expand our work to raise the profile of microbiology, both among the public and policymakers, and by connecting research with industry, regulatory authorities and governments. It details the challenges we need to consider as a not-for-profit Federation and that our Members and all microbiologists in general face in the coming years. Our responses are outlined in a series of priorities all of which are designed to promote microbiology and support microbiologists in Europe and beyond. President Managing Director It is on the basis of these overarching priorities that we will consider and evaluate individual initiatives, investments and decisions to meet these objectives, and budget, plan and track our progress to ensure they are delivered. These priorities therefore collectively set the parameters that will inform our decision-making for the next 5 years. I look forward to celebrating our 50th anniversary with our community in 2024, able to look back on five decades of connecting people and sharing knowledge. Matthew Harvey Prof Hilary Lappin-Scott OBE 1