Strategic Plan 2020 Final - Page 3

Looking further ahead, we will need to be creative, agile and resilient as well as holding true to our values. It will, without doubt, be a challenging time but there will also be opportunities. And we must not lose sight of other important issues such as accelerating technological change and innovation; an increasing focus on sustainability; and social and demographic change. Through our teaching and research, we will address these issues, including playing our part in responding to the impact of the pandemic. We will enable people to heal, nurture, care and communicate. We will inspire them to build and rebuild businesses, find solutions to real life issues and to support communities. We will foster creativity and artistic expression, building social capital in the process. Our programmes cover healthcare; social sciences; creative arts; business, management and enterprise; and primary and secondary teaching. Trained professionals in many of these areas played key roles in tackling the pandemic and all of them will be vital to the global recovery. Our graduates and staff can already be found in influential roles across the world, influencing policy and enhancing society, culture and the economy. In short, we make a real difference in the world in keeping with our values. Read our student and graduate stories We are a distinctive university because of our innovative, person-centred approach to learning and because of our unique academic portfolio. We recognise that the nature of learning itself is changing and this will be influenced further by adaptions as a consequence of the unprecedented situation in 2020. We are committed to developing the way we teach and research to be flexible and responsive both to the needs of our students and the communities we serve. Our approach to blended learning is predicated on quality and effectiveness. About the university View facts and figures about us We are pioneers in inclusiveness and we embrace people from all backgrounds. In 1875, the institution that became Queen Margaret University provided education for working class women at a time when society made that challenging. Society, and the institution, have evolved significantly but this original commitment to making education open to all still inspires us. We have the significant advantage of being an Edinburgh university. Edinburgh is one of the world’s great cities, renowned as a place of culture, learning and natural beauty. Our unique situation allows us to take advantage of all the opportunities that this offers whilst working within, and contributing to, our local community. Our Strategic Plan 2020-2025 sets out how we will respond positively to, and influence the needs of, society and local communities, building on our key strengths, adapting to overcome obstacles and creating new areas of success. At the heart of this plan is a great student experience and inspiring staff. Sir Paul Grice FRSE FAcSS Strategic Plan 2020 | 3