Strategic Plan 2020 Final | Page 7

Our values We are a university that is modern in our outlook and facilities but with a maturity built on a long history of serving the community, both locally and globally, and enhancing its wellbeing. We work in a transparent and inclusive manner and hold to core values in everything we do. We value social justice: In fact, it underpins our world view. We embrace equality, diversity, inclusion, respect, and supporting our communities. Opportunities and access are open to all and on a fair basis. We value excellence: This is embedded in our research, teaching and learning, knowledge exchange and the services we provide. It will be exemplified in the experience of our students, staff and partners. We value environmental sustainability: We recognise the severe threats to our environment and will be a sector leader in response. Our modern campus is a We value the individual and encourage collective support: Each member of staff and each student has their own journey to make and their own contribution to give. Queen Margaret University provides the supportive environment to facilitate this. great asset in this work. We value intellectual curiosity and the journey of discovery: We We value design our teaching and research to ambition: facilitate this. We inspire our students and staff to achieve the best that they can. We pursue opportunities, often in partnership and collaboration with others, to transform and influence society for the better and enhance our visibility within the higher education sector and the wider economy. Strategic Plan 2020 | 7