Strategic Plan 2020-2023 - Page 4

HISTORY & CULTURE From its humble beginnings in 1968 as the Frankston Citizens’ Advice Bureau (CAB), Community Support Frankston (CSF) has, over the past 50+ years, developed a strong background as a local service provider, notably being the only CAB to ever offer Emergency Relief (ER) in the Frankston area, as well as being the 1st CAB in Australia to publish a book advocating for a more progressive hand-up and empowerment approach to ER. CSF is now widely recognised by its peers, government and the community as a leader in its field, being responsive to changing community needs, and providing sector-wide leadership that has helped pave the way for a more progressive service model. INNOVATION CSF continues to be a trail-blazer in Australia, providing specialised support to people experiencing severe disadvantage in their local community, and has developed a wide range of information and projects to meet the ever changing needs of local people. CSF continues to be a leader at the forefront of change in the Community ER Services sector, creating a strong foundation for a positive future that remains adaptable to change. CAPABLE GOVERNANCE Ranging from running their own businesses to being retired professionals, CSF Board Members are from professional backgrounds - whilst also having a sound knowledge in the community services sector - thereby achieving competent oversight of finances and strategic planning for the organisation. COMPETENT STAFF The majority of our paid staff commenced as volunteers at CSF, and for those now working in a paid role, it’s definitely more than just a job. By commencing as a volunteer, it has allowed them to develop a strong understanding of the organisation’s values, culture and commitment to community. Also, with the rigours of front-line volunteer work, their personal experience has enabled them to fully appreciate the demands that volunteers’ experience, and the importance of providing them with a high level of support, assistance and guidance. SKILLED VOLUNTEERS Volunteers provide the vital life blood that enables efficient function and operation of our services. Our volunteers come from a range of backgrounds, including the human services, business and government sectors. With intensive training and support, they are able to assist clients experiencing a wide range of complex problems. Our community workers (interviewers) also complete a nationally accredited training course to handle complex clients. Reception, Administration, Food & Meals Program and Information Technology roles at CSF consist of dedicated volunteers, who are regularly trained and supported. COUNCIL / FEDERAL GOVERNMENT SUPPORT Frankston City Council (FCC) continues to provide crucial in-kind and staffing support to CSF, including office accommodation, the costs of maintenance to the premises, grounds, telephone and utilities, without which we simply could not exist. In more recent times, CSF was mobilised as FCC’s primary partner in delivering ER, both financial and material, to vulnerable Frankston residents during the COVID-19 pandemic. Throughout its ER Program, CSF has maintained a strong relationship over more than three decades with the Federal Government’s Department of Social Services, which moved to a competitive grant tendering process in 2014. CSF is now in its second phase of tendered government funding, and has successfully advocated for more adequate funding levels, which also included securing additional funds during the COVID-19 pandemic. S t r a t e g i c P l a n 2 0 2 0 - 23 P a g e | 4