St.Margaret's News October 2020 - Page 9

Chris and Maddy

Charles Dickens ’ opening words for “ A tale of two cities ” seems appropriate as we reflect back on the last year . It has been a year that has seen some of the worst things that can happen to a community , but it has also seen the best come out of those who have responded with a sense of community spirit and concern for the common good
Following the closure of churches , along with other venues , as places of gathering , we were able to move into the virtual world of Zoom as a platform for our worship services . Although not perfect , nor everyone ’ s preference , it has provided a way for us to maintain a regular rhythm of worship and connection . I found myself learning new skills and ways of presenting worship at a time when I might otherwise have been ‘ winding down ’ towards retirement . I have enjoyed the experience and found it stimulating , if not tiring , at times . I hope we have been able to maintain the inclusive spirit of St . Margaret ’ s services .
I am grateful for the work of Church Council through this difficult time , and all who have helped to maintain St . Margaret ’ s as a community : on Zoom , through personal visits , and with gatherings in person as restrictions were eased . It has been encouraging to see St . Margaret ’ s , along with Holy Cross , develop the Carbon Action Project and the Sustaining our Future Festival .
My wider church involvement beyond St . James and St . Margaret ’ s has continued as part of the team leading the Formation program for the Presbytery ’ s three candidate for ministry . I have also continued to undertake Supervision . My supervisor has recommended we have a session in November to support me in the transition to retirement .
My retirement from ministry is effective 30 th November 2020 . As reported , with accrued leave beginning the last week of October , we will be moving to our retirement home in Alstonville on 20 th October . As much as I am looking forward to this next stage of life , and proximity to our children and grandchildren , I also feel sadness to be leaving Canberra and the friends we have made here .
I came to St . Margaret ’ s and St . James with the knowledge that this would be my last placement before retirement , and the belief it would be an inspiring community to be part of . I will miss the congregation ’ s openness and acceptance of diversity , its theological integrity and curiosity , and its commitment to a just society . And I will miss you as people and friends . Maddy and I will take fond memories of you all into this next stage of our lives .
- Chris Lockley
St Margaret ’ s News 9 October 2020