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for a topic gives a wider range of choice from different libraries and can range from books with little written information but many illustrations or photos , to large tomes full of information . Much of the information is read by a facilitator or group member and others are invited to find or comment on something of interest in their book or magazine . Ordering ahead of time ensures the books will be available when needed .
In 2016 we changed the meetings to monthly . We had also introduced visits to Dickson Library which were well received . Library visits are now every second month . Most members now know how to borrow and with guidance have learned appropriate areas of the library to choose books . The library visit is followed by coffee and cake in Dickson , which is extremely popular !
This year has been interrupted by Covid19 but at participants ’ requests we have recommenced in RWL .
We have a saying at Book Club “ What happens at Book Club stays at Book Club ”. However , we thought that we would share just a glimpse of the fun times we have together .
Here are some of the topics we have covered .
Insects , Plants , Sea creatures , The Human body , Dinosaurs , Transport , All the seasons , Families , The Royal family , Snakes and other reptiles , Hobbies , Space travel , Accessories / shoes , Castles , Celebrations , Jungles and deserts , and Christmas , Easter and other religious celebrations around the world .
- Pam Kelly
St Margaret ’ s News 3 October 2020