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Book Club at

Facilitators : Pam Kelly , Judy Baker , Michelle Baker
Since 2014 the residents of Ross Walker Lodge have been enjoying ‘ Book Club ’ at the Lodge . Way back at the end of 2013 Judy Baker had the idea that someone should be reading to the residents and interesting them in books and information , and so the idea of Book Club was born .
It is purposely called a BOOK CLUB and not a Reading Group . With varied abilities in our group from non-readers , beginning level readers and competent readers , books are presented as sources of information and beauty through photos and illustrations as well as words . Our topics cover a wide range of subjects and interests .
Our early meetings were every fortnight and developed in structure and content as the abilities and interests of the group were assessed and catered for . It was always intended to be a fun and enjoyable group as well as informative and includes food to fit in with the theme of the meeting . Our participants in the early years were Rhys , Judy , Joanne , Damien , and Julie .
Our themes almost always involve factual life , but an effort is made to include some poetry , humour , and fiction where possible and always input from members . For instance , when we covered the topic ‘ The Human Body ’ we also had a book called ‘ Really Horrible Body Jokes ’ along with books on the human body , and others on the senses .
When Michelle became Resident Coordinator of the Lodge , she became an active participant in Book Club , which was very welcome . Her interest in it stimulates the interest of the members . Michelle is now a facilitator . We also get cups of tea and often cake !
Our present members are Damien , Julie , Linda , Lisette , Carl and Joanne and Carol-Jane who join us from the Ainslie House . Their interests are diverse . Lisette is a follower of the Royal family ; Damien likes ‘ gruesome ’, animals and jokes ; Julie is a romantic and a lover of mysteries ; Linda likes beautiful flowers and pretty things ; Carl is a fount of knowledge ; Joanne likes animals and all creatures and Carol-Jane is enthusiastic about everything !
At the beginning of each year we plan the programme and ask the participants to name topics of interest and decide the facilitators for each meeting . The books are borrowed from local libraries . Ordering online
St Margaret ’ s News 2 October 2020