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There was a famer who grew excellent quality wheat , and every season won the award for the best grown in his county . One year a reporter from the local newspaper interviewed the farmer and learned that each Spring the man shared his seed with his neighbours so that they too could plant it in their fields .
“ How can you afford to share your best wheat with your neighbours when they are entering their crops in the competition with yours ?”, the reporter asked .
“ Why that ’ s very simple ”, the farmer explained . “ The wind picks up the pollen from the developing wheat and carries it from field to field . If my neighbours grow inferior wheat , cross pollination will steadily degrade the quality of all the wheat , including mine . If I am going to grow good wheat , I must help my neighbours grown good wheat .
The reporter realised how the farmer ’ s explanation also applied to people ’ s lives in the most fundamental way . Those who want to live meaningfully and well must help enrich the lives of others , for the value of a life is measured by the lives it touches . And those who choose to be happy must help others find happiness , for the welfare of each is bound up with the welfare of all .
Contributions Wanted : All readers are invited to contribute articles about things they have done - photographs taken , jokes heard or made up , poetry written , pictures of drawings or paintings done , prayers written , art or craft made , exciting and positive news received , and whatever else might be appropriate .
Likewise , we would love to have material to put on the St Margaret ’ s Website ( or its YouTube channel ). If you are clever enough to create and send sound recordings or videos of yourself playing an appropriate piece of music on an instrument , reciting a poem , singing a hymn or some other wonderful song , performing a favourite piece , or whatever , then that would be marvellous .
The deadline for material for the next issue is 13 November 2020 , with that issue being published on 20 November . Material should be provided to the editor Brian Rope or to Lynda at the church office .
St Margaret ’ s News 12 October 2020